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Your doctor.

Adventure Story

You chose to go to the doctor's office and have your head checked out.

You get in the car and drive to the doctor's office. When you get there, there is a surprisingly short wait, and you are admitted almost immediately. The doctor, Dr. Frederico van Strudel, asks you what is wrong. You promptly begin to tell him about you incident with your alarm clock. The next thing that you know he has a needle in your neck and everything starts to go black.

When you wake up you look around and see some potatoes, carrots, and cabbage lying next to you. You then realize that you are in a large oven.

Do you:

1) Start to eat the potatoes because they are your favorite vegetable.

2) Start to eat the carrots because they are your favorite vegetable.

3) Start to eat the cabbage because it is your favorite vegetable.