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Web Design 2

Welcome to my Web Design 2 page. Here you will find all of my work and projects for this class and a description of each of my projects.

Home Page

This is our first project. This page uses a combination of Cascading Style Sheets and Div tags.

Adventure Story

This is our second project. It incorporates my use of style and vivid imagination. You read a short passage and then make choices at the bottom of the passage. Your choice affects the outcome of the story. Enjoy.


This project showcases various paintings by Magic: The Gathering artist Greg Staples. It uses a simple rollover navigation system, and other than that it is just a simple thumbnail gallery that links to the full size pictures.


This page shows my skills at implementing the Javascript scripting language. There are links to seven different scripts on this page. Five of them I found at, and the remaining two I wrote from scratch.


This is a web page dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. It consists of a bio page,
a discography page, a gallery page, and a videos page. There is a
separate page for each album, and there is an animated header.


This project consisted of me designing three different conceptual logos, and then asking twenty people what they thought of designs and which one was best. I then made a business card, a Tee-Shirt, and a piece of stationary using the logo that was deemed best.